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I am Caroline Pool and it is my mission to support you to enliven your expat life.  As an expat myself I am and have been happy to move to different countries, to join and support my family on this adventure. But one day a few years ago I found myself uninspired while looking at my weekly schedule. Coffee mornings and lunches just weren’t substantial enough for me. Continuously searching for something externally is a never-ending quest. I realized that trying to adjust myself even more to the country, culture and people around me wasn’t the solution I needed.  That was when I reconnected to what I love to do from my previous work in Executive Recruitment. I love uncovering people’s strengths, talents and passions and helping them translate that into meaningful work. When I combined this skill with my understanding of what it is to be an expat, I found my mission.   Services You’ve been so busy supporting your partner and children in this transition: taking care of their needs, setting up their social lives, and everything else…. But what about your dreams, your passions? They been put on the back burner for so long, they’ve fizzled out. You can hardly connect with them anymore. Or maybe you find they have changed.  You don’t know where to start to figure this all out, it’s all quite daunting. And yet, you’re aware that life is passing you by. You deserve to live a meaningful life. But what does that mean for you? You’ve tried language courses, cultural training, coffee mornings & lunches, hikes & excursions. It feels like a never-ending quest to fulfillment, and it’s not substantial enough. It’s time to focus on you again. To reawaken your strengths, dreams and passions. As an expat I’m on a journey of living in a foreign country with my family. One day I found myself listlessly looking at my weekly schedule and all the appointments and dates I had planned. They just weren’t substantial enough for me, and I needed something else in my life. This is when I ventured out to rediscovered what I love to do. For me that is connecting with people and supporting them in moving forward towards their dreams. Aligning my activities with my passions and strengths has brought me fulfilment and balance no matter where we are currently based as a family. I’m delighted to offer guidance on this valuable journey to my clients too. Because every expat, as a unique individual, deserves a fulfilling life with personally meaningful activities.  Sometimes in a hectic life of moving, family and years going by it’s easy to lose track of your dreams or you dreams might change. Tapping into who you are and what is uniquely you is a great source for purpose and fulfillment. On your journey with me, you’ll join a group of like-minded expats to reidentify your dreams, your desires and your passions so that you can do things that are truly meaningful to you.   5 things you might like to know about me… I have moved to 3 countries over the last 8 years with our family of 5 I lived in several countries during my youth – I was an expat child myself I hold a degree in International Business Studies (MSc) and coaching degrees from CTI Co-Active Coaching & NLP India I am from the Netherlands I love reading (not the fastest but an avid reader nonetheless:)) and always join a bookclub once we move to a new country   One-to-One coaching If you’re feeling you’ve reached the point of ‘enough is enough,’ it’s time to focus on you. Let’s get started on finding activities that are personally meaningful for you, to allow you to flourish in any environment feeling enlivened, motivated, enthusiastic and thrilled about your life again.   Benefits & Structure In 6 biweekly sessions I guide you with tailor made coaching to your needs. This allows you to re-discover and re-identify what is important to you. I encourage you to dream again and find meaningful activities that bring substance to your day. I stay by your side as we explore your personal passions and desires together, and realise essential activities, step by step. This may be the change in perspective you need to open your diary to a purpose-filled day. Let your confidence grow and as well as the inner calm coming from acknowledging yourself.   Dream Again program Dream & gain clarity on who you are, being someone who lives abroad. With 4 weekly group video calls we will dive into rediscovering your passions, identifying personally meaningful activities and we tackle what gets in the way. This is a journey with group dynamic of others living abroad, acknowledging it’s their time to refocus on themselves again too. Wake up your expat life & start to feel thrilled about you again.   Contact Caroline Pool -->

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